“A personal mythology of color excavated and shared, we dig but never find pigment beneath our fingernails.”


Color is science- the science of light- but color is also magical, mysterious, and meaningful. Color is a crossover field of study in that it impacts and is informed by many different disciplines. The way color is seen and interpreted has been so informed by (often misguided) biases and social norms. This course focuses on both facts and fictions of color but comes from an impulse that is playful and curious.

More than just a practicum, a course emphasizing the practical application of a field of study, this color impracticum is not bound by usefulness and applicability. Color Impracticum is an immersive and interactive digital experience of light, color and their many traits through both rational and irrational applications in the context of historical precedence and speculative interpretation. It is a laboratory and a playground. Through a series of interwoven prompts, we explore color and its visual, aesthetic, and conceptual effects. A video library and reading list meditate on a range of topics from traditional color theory to color in science, pseudo-science, and the spiritual.



To explore a digital color space


To engage color as a generative tool


To gain a deeper understanding of color as relational attribute


To expand perceptual awareness of color


To transcend the gamut and become one with the spectrum



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