Course Lectures

Introduction & Overview

Welcome to Color Impracticum, a course focusing on the facts and fictions of color. The course has grown from an impulse that is playful and curious and makes no claims to authority. After viewing this lecture please feel free to navigate the site and engage with the color prompts.


A rainbow is a phenomenon, both brilliant and banal, caused by the reflection, refraction and dispersion of light through water resulting in a multicolored circular arc. Somewhere reflects a collection of black and white images of rainbows upon a mirrored iridescent surface. The arc completed, the color drained, the voices stunted, our search for the rainbow bridge continues.

Color Reading

This lecture demonstrates color reading with ample room for intention and reflection. Meant to posit an opening rather than a closing, color cards are shuffled, placed, and read to divine momentum and possibility. Figures and forms of analogue and digital origin adorn the polyglot deck. Engage with this covers / this crosses / this crowns to interpret what the cards may say to you.